The Making of a Pincrazed Person

If your first question when stumbling upon my blog was “What is this Pinterest she speaks of?” then keep reading.  Be forewarned that I will turn you to the dark side of pinning and you will like it!

First of all, if you have not created an account on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?!?  It is truly the best thing since the art of ripping pages out of a magazine was invented!  That being said, my previous obsession before Pinterest was clipping stuff out of magazines. That was exhausting!  Let me walk you through it…

  1. First of all, you had to buy a magazine (apparently clipping magazines from the library and doctor’s office is frowned upon).
  2. Then you had to find a pair of scissors out of 20 that you own (no small feat).
  3. Once the clipping commenced, you had to find a place to store all those wonderful ideas that you were totally going to get to.  Sigh!

Enter Pinterest, the longest and most amazing of all my obsessions (sorry, hubby).  Now all I need to do is grab a seat on my big, comfy sofa, put something mindless on the tv (completely optional, but does enhance the experience), switch on my iPad and start pinning away.  Gone are those hard-to-find scissors and piles of endless clippings gathering dust!  Instead, you can enjoy countless hours of clicking, browsing, and pinning other people’s creativity, humor, style, and plain old awesomeness with just a touch of finger!

Convinced you, yet?!?  I knew I would.  So, join me on the journey of a lifetime…the life of a pincrazed person!  Click here to get started Pinterest!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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