Tech Crafts: Waterlogue App

Not an Artist…Or am I?

So I am the first to admit that I am not an artist.  Completely wish I was, but alas that gene has passed me by.  Photography has been the only way I could capture the beauty I see around me (and even that is just “meh”at times).  All the pictures on these posts are taken by me unless otherwise stated.  Any way… imagine my surprise when looking at a list I pinned, 14 Must Have Photo Apps by Creative Cain, and finding Waterlogue.

Waterlogue is AMAZING!  Now my “meh” quality pictures become an incredible work of art!

Take a look at quick snap I took of the boys walking home from a Fourth of July parade.  This was a completely random, never-will-happen-again (trust me) moment that had me longing for my nice 35mm camera.  Cute, but not really frame worthy until I ran it through this magic app.  Woah, right?!?  Completely frame-worthy (guess I’m searching frame pins tonight).


Sticky Bun

Go on Try it!

Really, you just HAVE to try it!  Simply go to the app store on your phone, search for Waterlogue, and download it to your phone.  The screen shots that follow are from my iPhone.

IMG_1660   IMG_1661

Once the app is opened, click on the camera icon, click Photo Library and choose a photo from your photo library (I prefer to use photos I have already taken with my phone, but there is an option to take pictures through the app).

Now sit back and get ready to be amazed as your regular old photo transfers into a masterpiece!

IMG_1662    IMG_1663

Make sure you try out all the difference effects before deciding on your favorite.  Just an FYI, the smaller picture on your phone is the newer effect.  Simply click it and watch a new drawing/painting appear.  

Once you find your favorite, click on the heart on the right side to reveal different ways to share your Waterlogue creation.  Before you share, make sure to go to Settings (swipe left) and choose the best settings for your application (small for email and large/original for printing).  I usually choose to Save to Photos (which saves to your phone’s camera roll) and download to my computer later for printing.  Voila!  Magnifique, no?

Waterlogue 1.2.1 (66) Preset Style = Travelogue Format.

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