Home Decor Pins: Styling a Curio Cabinet

curio-cabinet-stylingI am by no means an amazing decorator, but I think I do a decent job making my home a comfortable place to be.  As we all know by now, I use Pinterest for almost everything (told you I’m addicted).  I recently got tired of looking at my overcrowded, uninspiring curio cabinet.  It was a jumble of curiosities as all cabinets of this type hold, but it really was a bit scary (hence, no before pictures). I was able to find some styling inspiration online (JennaBurger.com, For the Love of a House, and Rooms Blog) that I used to come up with my own design tips.

  1.  Display what you love or for which you have a strong attachment.
    Seems like a no brainer, but I had things in there that I didn’t like much.  My cabinet was kind of a catch all.  Don’t forget to gather all your curiosities, heirlooms, unusual pieces, etc. from around the house.  Also, be sure to include items that have sentimental value to others in your family (sometimes it hurts a bit).
  2. Arrange each shelf by color scheme.
    I tried many combinations, but this seemed to work the best.  The result was a much less jarring arrangement of our treasures.


  3. Place larger items such as platters or pictures in the back.
    These pieces added a nice backdrop for the other smaller pieces.


  4. Put your heaviest objects on the bottom shelf.
    Putting the bigger, heavier pieces on the bottom shelf anchored the whole display.  This happened naturally for me since only taller pieces fit on the bottom of my case, and I didn’t want to put heavy things on a glass shelf.


  5. Combine items to give your displays interest and height.
    The problem with my old display is that everything was on the shelf.  This time I hung pieces on others and stacked my knick-knacks on top each other.


  6. Don’t be afraid to mix styles.
    Oddball art glass from the 70’s on the same shelf as a sugar bowl from the 50’s and glassware from the turn of last century? Yup. Remember step 1… display what you love.  It’s a bit quirky, but it seems to work.


  7. Leave room for more.
    You may have to rearrange some shelves as you add pieces from your travels, gifts you received, or heck even those pieces you just had to have but weren’t sure why.  Consider the cabinet a work in progress.


Hopefully these ideas will help you style a curio cabinet or even a bookcase in your home.  My cabinet now displays my favorite knick-knacks in an interesting way.  Is it perfect? No, but it now reflects more of my personality and that’s a good thing.  Now if I can only find someone willing to dust it!

Education Pins: A Magical Classroom and How to Make One

Let me start off by saying, I am so excited about the new wizarding movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  So much so that as soon as I heard it was being release, I decided to create a Harry Potter themed classroom.

I’m a super-duper Harry Potter fan, so this idea was a no-brainer.  I’ve read all the books (more than once, of course), I’ve seen the hilarious Potted Potter (a fast-paced retelling of all seven books), have watched all the movies (duh), and even own the text books mentioned in the series.  This February, I finally had my chance to go to the Wizarding World at Universal Studios.  There was even a tornado warning that day with torrential downpours and high winds.  Didn’t stop me!  I sipped my butter beer while dodging raindrops and watching my boys weave spells with their wands.  It was in Heaven!!!


So anyway, back to my Harry Potter themed classroom.

As you can imagine upon deciding on this magical theme, I immediately started searching for Harry Potter crafts, classroom decor, and other Potter-related pins on Pinterest.   I thought I’d be overwhelmed with all the possibilities, but there weren’t a whole lot of classrooms online that featured Harry and the gang at Hogwarts.  What is this nonsense!?!  Surely an evil spell has been cast on the world!  Thank goodness the ones I did find were pretty inspiring.

Here are a few that I decided to use in my classroom from The Charming Classrooma Reddit post, and Professor Baldwin’s Online Classroom.


Aren’t they great?  Here are my versions of the ones above.

For the Lumos and Nox light switch, I wrote on address labels and tried my best to mimic the font style used in the books (needs some work, but…).

I found a really great website for my potion bottle labels.  All I had to do was print them, cut them out, and glue them onto my clearance aisle, glass bottles.

I really wish I could’ve gone all out on my door, but I got in a wee bit of trouble by our fire inspector last year for my Star Wars themed door.  It was awesome!  I had wrapped the entire door in a black vinyl tablecloth and covered the whole thing in stars.  Four hundred and eighty stars to be exact.  Apparently, covering the whole door is frowned upon by the powers that be.  Sigh.  As you can imagine, I didn’t want to have to take down another awesome door display, so I compromised.  Another big sigh.  It turned out okay, but could’ve been really cool like the inspiration photo.  Oh well.

For my wall decor, I created a bulletin board using shortcut icons I bought on Teacher’s Pay Teachers.  Well worth the four dollars!


I also added a Keyboarding Prefect board to honor my star keyboarding students.  Looks like I need to work on their keyboarding skills!


Dobby helps out with the school’s Word of the Week, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron remind students how to print, save, and open their work.  Two of the wall decorations under Ron are from around 1999 and my fourth grade classroom.  I told you I was a fan from back in the day!


I almost forgot everyone’s pal, Hedwig.  He hangs out with me while I do work at my computer.  What a sweet, little owl (although sometimes I feel as if he is judging me…hmmm)!


I also found these really cool travel posters of Hogwart’s Express, Godrick’s Hollow, and Hogsmeade online that I purchased and framed to put on the walls.  I also bought a Quidditch World Cup poster to frame.  So cool!


My favorite wall decorations are the quotes I found from the books that I turned into wall art.  I love them so much that I am including them as a free download below.  Yes, indeed, I am sharing the love.  Enjoy!


sirius-black-quote                      mooney-wormtail-quote                              dumbledore-quote

By the way, all you Potter fans (and even you Muggles), don’t forget to let me know if this has inspired you to create a magical classroom of your own!  You can do so by Owl Post or by commenting below.