Holiday Pins: Christmas Card Display

If you are like me, you love getting all those amazing Christmas cards.  Especially the ones with photos of friends and family.  You probably like to share them with people visiting your home during the holidays, too.

Up until recently, I’ve always had a hard time finding a way to display these treasures of my mailbox.  I’ve tried taping them around doorways (too dorm room), hanging them from ribbons or fishing wire (constantly falling), and even on more than one occasion just shoved them in a drawer (sorry, peeps).  During my nightly ritual of flipping through Pinterest while watching tv, I came across this card box for sale by TheLaceMoon on Etsy.  It was so obvious and so awesome that I pinned it right away.

Lucky for me I had a vintage-looking suitcase I bought that was holding my remotes (all 20 of them) that was perfect for the job.


I dumped it out and starting making my amazing new Christmas card display.

On it’s own it was cute, but not suitable for holiday happiness, so I found an old ornament that had never made it onto my tree (probably because it has glitter and I’m afraid of it) and found a cute little snowman at a local craft fair (also with glitter, but too cute to not buy).  I put all the elements together, added cards as they came in and voila!  The perfect way to display my beautiful cards.

The added unexpected bonus of this little suitcase card box is that at the end of the year everything fits inside until next year.  It also traps all that glitter from cards people seem to like to send (just to torture me, I think)!  Win! Win!



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