Holiday Pins: Christmas Card Display

If you are like me, you love getting all those amazing Christmas cards.  Especially the ones with photos of friends and family.  You probably like to share them with people visiting your home during the holidays, too.

Up until recently, I’ve always had a hard time finding a way to display these treasures of my mailbox.  I’ve tried taping them around doorways (too dorm room), hanging them from ribbons or fishing wire (constantly falling), and even on more than one occasion just shoved them in a drawer (sorry, peeps).  During my nightly ritual of flipping through Pinterest while watching tv, I came across this card box for sale by TheLaceMoon on Etsy.  It was so obvious and so awesome that I pinned it right away.

Lucky for me I had a vintage-looking suitcase I bought that was holding my remotes (all 20 of them) that was perfect for the job.


I dumped it out and starting making my amazing new Christmas card display.

On it’s own it was cute, but not suitable for holiday happiness, so I found an old ornament that had never made it onto my tree (probably because it has glitter and I’m afraid of it) and found a cute little snowman at a local craft fair (also with glitter, but too cute to not buy).  I put all the elements together, added cards as they came in and voila!  The perfect way to display my beautiful cards.

The added unexpected bonus of this little suitcase card box is that at the end of the year everything fits inside until next year.  It also traps all that glitter from cards people seem to like to send (just to torture me, I think)!  Win! Win!



Home Decor Pins: Styling a Curio Cabinet

curio-cabinet-stylingI am by no means an amazing decorator, but I think I do a decent job making my home a comfortable place to be.  As we all know by now, I use Pinterest for almost everything (told you I’m addicted).  I recently got tired of looking at my overcrowded, uninspiring curio cabinet.  It was a jumble of curiosities as all cabinets of this type hold, but it really was a bit scary (hence, no before pictures). I was able to find some styling inspiration online (, For the Love of a House, and Rooms Blog) that I used to come up with my own design tips.

  1.  Display what you love or for which you have a strong attachment.
    Seems like a no brainer, but I had things in there that I didn’t like much.  My cabinet was kind of a catch all.  Don’t forget to gather all your curiosities, heirlooms, unusual pieces, etc. from around the house.  Also, be sure to include items that have sentimental value to others in your family (sometimes it hurts a bit).
  2. Arrange each shelf by color scheme.
    I tried many combinations, but this seemed to work the best.  The result was a much less jarring arrangement of our treasures.


  3. Place larger items such as platters or pictures in the back.
    These pieces added a nice backdrop for the other smaller pieces.


  4. Put your heaviest objects on the bottom shelf.
    Putting the bigger, heavier pieces on the bottom shelf anchored the whole display.  This happened naturally for me since only taller pieces fit on the bottom of my case, and I didn’t want to put heavy things on a glass shelf.


  5. Combine items to give your displays interest and height.
    The problem with my old display is that everything was on the shelf.  This time I hung pieces on others and stacked my knick-knacks on top each other.


  6. Don’t be afraid to mix styles.
    Oddball art glass from the 70’s on the same shelf as a sugar bowl from the 50’s and glassware from the turn of last century? Yup. Remember step 1… display what you love.  It’s a bit quirky, but it seems to work.


  7. Leave room for more.
    You may have to rearrange some shelves as you add pieces from your travels, gifts you received, or heck even those pieces you just had to have but weren’t sure why.  Consider the cabinet a work in progress.


Hopefully these ideas will help you style a curio cabinet or even a bookcase in your home.  My cabinet now displays my favorite knick-knacks in an interesting way.  Is it perfect? No, but it now reflects more of my personality and that’s a good thing.  Now if I can only find someone willing to dust it!

DIY Pins: Preserving Memories with Wall Decor

I’ll admit it, I get bored easily.  Over the years, I’ve come to embrace my distractedness and celebrate what it brings to my life.  Change!  I crave moving furniture, changing decor, and for awhile even changing professions.  Unfortunately when it comes to home decor and changing things up, my wallet does always meet my dreams. I’m always on the lookout for cheap and quick (remember my attention span) ways to give my home new life.


A while ago, I came across a blog called Beauty and Bedlam and a post about DIY Cheap Wall Decor.  In it, the blogger highlights different ways to frame fabric.  LOVE it!  The one image I was struck by came from a design by Linda Woodrum for the HGTV Dream Home.  Her simple framed fabric made such an impact in a bathroom of all places.

Stunning, isn’t it?!?


As I said, this pin has been sitting in my Favorite Places and Spaces board for some time now, and recently I came up with a way to incorporate those ideas into my home and preserve memories as well.

Enter my mother-in-law’s crazy wallpaper.


My mother-in-law passed a couple of years ago and while visiting the progress done to her home, I notice a bag of wallpaper in the trash pile on the porch.  Now I admit I wasn’t crazy about her choice in wallpaper, mostly because it was EVERYWHERE, but seeing it about to be tossed, broke my heart.  I grabbed it, thinking of some way to preserve it without papering my own home in all it’s late 60’s early 70’s glory.  I did toy with papering one wall in the bathroom, but my husband put the kibosh on that really quick. Sigh.


That’s when I remembered that pin from long ago.  I made a quick run to Michael’s, picked up a couple of cheap frames, and got to work.  Voila!   A project even I could finish!